Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Critique of Gravity : Impediments to Laughter

The knowledge of a force which every object experience from every other object, just for the simple reason that the object is there, lingers as a source of deep distress. The force is there: inexorable, given, foreordained. It revealed something, a piece of information, which I would, had there been a choice, not have opted to know. It goes counter to my prerogative to dream, a dream I would have loved to cherish, that at some point of time, I might be able to fly. The fact that I have no information of a known incident of a human being flying, contrary to common logic,would have made the dream much more splendid. That I am linked by a thread to every object around me, albeit unseen, leaves me with an inconsolable anguish.

♦ ♦ ♦

I have started seeing everything around me involved in a cabalistic conspiracy to thwart my plan to step above this land, this piece of earth. Along with the collapse of my dream is the collapse of many other visions I carried along. To ascend and see the world in a panoramic perspective, to drop off this linear vision, this terribly crippled horizontal vision. Well...That is just one among a series of jolts. Am I beginning to learn?